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Sycamore, IL
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Stay Active Stay Positive
by posted 04/05/2020

Sycos, (parents please share this with your daughter)

I have been trying to figure out what to say to everyone during this shelter in place order. For me, I think it simply comes down to this.... Stay active and stay positive!

 - What I mean by staying active.... do some sort of activity a few times a week that you could relate to playing the game of softball.

  • Play catch with Mom, Dad, brother, or sister. We all need to keep throwing the ball!
  • Pitchers, keep pitching at least once a week. Just go through warm ups and get reps in at full 43' distance.
  • Catchers, gear up and work on framing and blocking. Work on pops and squats when inside and doing something like watching TV. 
  • Hitters, find a way to get some swings in.... Even if its swings with no ball and you are just working on form. 1-2-3 drill.

 - What I mean by staying positive.... Simply that. I believe we will get back together again. It's okay to be disappointed about not being able to be together practicing, and playing right now. It's going to get better! Keep a positive mind set and let's be ready for when we get back together.

Stay safe, 

Coach Chris

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