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Practice today
by posted 01/26/2020

Good morning SYCOS!!! 

just wanted to remind you of a few things this morning: 


1. don't forget your Super Bowl money and sold tickets!!! 
2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear different shoes or boots when you come in and change into the shoes you will wear on the turf after you get inside!!! No wet/salty shoes will be allowed on any part of the turf or in the plyo area! 
3. we kindly ask that all parents/family members who are staying to watch practice stay in the area where the benches are for safety reasons! 

Thank you & see you soon!!

Your SYCOS coaches

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Super Bowl Party Invite!
by posted 01/19/2020

Hello All! Here is the evite link to the 5th annual Sycos Super Bowl Party hosted at the Simmons' house! Hope to see you all here!


Coach Simmons


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Asst Coach 
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