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2023 Sycamore Girls' Softball Rules (Kindergarten)


General Rules– Home team occupies 3rdbase dugout. Home team is responsible for field preparation. Home team is responsible to reschedule make up games as soon as can be arranged, and before the end of the regular season. Home team will supply the game ball.

Playing Field - Pitchers distance from back of home plate to front of pitchers plate is 20 feet. Distance between bases is 40 feet. Safety base is to be used at first base. On deck batter must be to back of player at bat. 2 defensive coaches are allowed on the field for instruction only, during the game


Balls – 9” “Incrediball”

Bats – Official softball only

Batting Helmets–All offensive players must wear helmets while on playing field (includes on-deck batter). 

Catchers– Full equipment to be worn (helmet, mask, throat protector, shin guards, chest protector)

Uniforms – All players must wear their official uniforms with shirts tucked in. Wearing of jewelry is prohibited unless it is religious or medical and then must be taped down. Metal spikes are prohibited.

Players – 

Requirement – A team will play with all members of the team in the field.

Playing time/positions- Coaches are required to play all rostered players at all positions within reasonable skill and safety constraints. Each player should have playing time in the infield and the outfield. 

The Game – 1 hour of game play.


Batters will hit off of the tee through June 8. After June 8, coaches will pitch 3 pitches per batter. If unsuccessful in hitting, then player will hit off of the tee. 


Batting order - A continuous batting order shall be used. If a batter is hurt and cannot continue, the next batter takes her count. She may come back in to play when ready. Opposing team must be notified. The entire roster will bat each ½ inning. 

Batter's Box -No enforcement. 

If batter hits the ball in the infield she must stop at first. If the ball is hit in the outfield the batter has the option to advance 1 or 2 bases. 

Base Running 

Stealing – Not allowed

Lead Offs – Not Allowed

Sliding – Optional, but runners must avoid contact when a play is made at any base.

Dead Ball – Play is dead and runners cannot advance once any fielder has possession of the ball in the infield. 

Umpires- Parent/coach umpires will be used (1 from each team)

Decisions -  all decisions by umpires are final. NO APPEALS ARE ALLOWED

Safety – Coaches will determine if game shall be called due to weather. A game will be called if there is visible lightning in the vicinity or if the lightning detection system sounds. All players and coaches must leave the field of play and move to a safe area. If lightning detection system stopped play then you may not return to play until “all clear” sound. If stopped because of visible lightning then may not return to play within 30 minutes of last seen lightning strike.

Communicable Disease Procedure – A player or coach who is bleeding or who has an open wound shall be prohibited from participating further in the game until appropriate treatment has been administered. If medical treatment can be administered in a reasonable amount of time, then the individual does not need to be removed from the game. “Reasonable amount of time” is determined by the umpire. If there is excessive amount of blood on the uniform then that part of the uniform must be changed before she returns to play.

Code of Conduct – Coaches, players, parents and guests will be held responsible for their own behavior.  Umpires and league officials may ask offending party to leave the field of play if SGS Code of Conduct is violated. Offending party will be automatically suspended for the next game.